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Peak Supply Solutions exists to meet the needs of organizations like yours seeking to identify and implement value-added solutions to supply management challenges. We provide adaptable, fractional, or interim supply management resources, helping you adjust to economic challenges and mitigate risk. We offer you practical solutions where strong technical knowledge, industry best practices, and regulatory expertise are required.  
Rob Osborne, Principal 


On the operations floor of a solar module laminating production facility early in his career, Rob Osborne knew his ability to meet production schedules depended on the availability of raw materials and critical supplies. Too many interruptions in the supply of raw materials put the unit behind the production schedule. Rob submitted an inventory improvement plan and tool to his manager for consideration. The plan included Kanban minimums, maximums, reorder points, a schedule for cycle counting, and audits of critical suppliers. The plan was accepted. Rob began implementing it, and production efficiency and performance to schedule improved.

Throughout his more than 20 year career, Rob has consistently created, deployed, and executed value-enhancing planning, procurement, and inventory management strategies in advanced materials and engineered products companies including The Dow Chemical Company, Incitec Pivot, Ltd. Dyno Nobel, and retail consumer products businesses. Rob has a reputation for operational excellence through driving change while assuring improved quality, maximizing profit, providing service excellence, and generating cash.